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909 Residents Take to the Ice at DC’s Sculpture Garden - 909 Blog

909 Residents Take to the Ice at DC’s Sculpture Garden

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The colder weather that winter invites may make it feel as though there are few things to do other than warming up at home. While it’s easy to relax and enjoy yourself at 909, we can’t help but rave about happenings that bring DC to life in these chillier months.

The ice rink at the Sculpture Garden near the National Gallery of Art is one of DC’s most special activities during the winter. Every year, thousands of people of all ages flock to the ice rink. They enjoy a unique display of skill and camaraderie while surrounded by the architecture of national museums and monuments. The ice rink is open and is running until March 5th for skaters of all levels. Attendees may bring their own equipment or rent a pair of skates from the park's skate rental facility for $6. Additionally, tickets range from $9 to $12, with season passes available at $225.

DC is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and with 909’s incredible location, there is a historic walk between our community and the rink. Enjoy the 30-minute stroll or find parking at garages less than a block from the Sculpture Garden. You can also stop in Pavilion Café to warm up and enjoy hot drinks and snacks after your session.

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