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Inexpensive Summer Activities

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, the second-best time! It’s summer vacation! Between summer camps, vacations, and the many activities to keep yourself or your little ones occupied; the dollar signs can add up. But, there are plenty of inexpensive and totally free activities that are still barrels of fun! 

Bust summer boredom with some of these family-fun activities.

The first idea is to create a DIY obstacle course! Use household objects like chairs, blankets, and boxes to create an obstacle course, either indoors or outside. If you have a furry friend, you can even make them their own course! 

Put on a fashion show! Decide on a theme and have everyone use their own clothes, maybe even old Halloween costumes, to dress up according to the theme! 

Find free local activities around your neighborhood! Go to the library and read all afternoon. Discover all the different nature trails for walking or hiking. Maybe even go to a local farm or farmer’s market. 

Whether you are trying to keep your kiddos occupied, looking to spend time with friends, or even a unique date idea, these inexpensive summer activities will be fun for everyone! 

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